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Welcome! I’m truly so happy you’re here! My goal is to provide amazing deals and tips to help save you money in every part of your life. I will post coupons to print, deals to grab, and money-saving tips to help vastly improve your family finances. I will not bombard you with silly offers or time consuming surveys to earn a freebie. I want to provide great deals that I myself have taken advantage of and money-saving tips that have saved my family’s finances. I hope you learn something new each time you stop by!

Here’s why you’ll love Coupons with Q:

~ Take a peek at my favorites along the left side of your screen. These are sites I use and would encourage you to check out and implement.

~ Head to the INFO tab. Here you can learn about yours truly, find out how to contact me, learn about services offered, view upcoming class information, and read my disclosure/privacy policy.

~ Now that you know who I am and what I do, check out ALL THINGS COUPONS. You’ll find a vast wealth of information here! You can check out printable coupons, view the coupon policies of your favorite stores, and take a peek at other websites I highly recommend.

~ Get organized by heading over to BE ORGANIZED. I’m a list maker by nature and I put all of that passion into easy forms that make it a snap for anyone to get their household in tip-top money-saving shape! 🙂 You can print out menus, price book pages (already filled in!) and grab a price list to know what you should be paying for items.

~ I post several times a day and each time I post, I will label the item in “categories” which run along the right side of your screen. The deals and coupon match ups I post will be divided by store. You can also visit FAQ’s to find answers to many coupon and money-saving questions. I will post amazing  MONEY SAVING TIPS as well that will bring BIG savings to your family. You’ll also enjoy the MAIL CALL feature where you can comment with your own great mail delights. (It’s like Christmas everyday!) You can browse each category by clicking on it. You can also use the search feature on the right hand side to find items by keywords.

Finally, don’t forget to subscribe by entering your email address. Each day you will receive an email packed with goodies – you’ll never miss another deal or tidbit I post! Plus, you’ll be entered into fun giveaways just by subscribing! I take privacy seriously and I never sell or share your information.

Stay tuned for regular updates and fun new features. Make sure to join the groups on Facebook and Twitter for the chance at awesome giveaways. Please jump into the conversation and don’t hesitate to contact me with questions!!





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  1. zona viruet

    i love coupons i want tooo know how too use them more


      Hi Zona! So do I 🙂 I’ve got tons of tips posted. Check out the FAQ section. I also have a learning packet available for $10 that I can email you that is filled with tons of tips and how to’s so you can coupon like a pro! 🙂 I’m glad you’re here!

  2. Lisa R

    i used to use a lot of coupons and now with the prices today I might get into couponing again. I see you have a master list of place to get coupons, that is great, thanks


      I sure do, Lisa! Just start back slow and steady and you’ll start to see a huge price difference!

  3. Dorothy Boucher

    i would love to know how to use coupons better than i do, half the time i don’t use them because when i need to go shopping i just don’t have them yet or the coupon expired.. not sure what i am doing wrong Thanks for sharing @tisonlyme143

  4. Sylvia Zajis


    I am very list taker oriented as well and so I find your website to be very user friendly to me. I am just starting in couponing and you have some great information and tools on here. Thank you so much for sharing everything and I will be returning often.

    1. Layne Quintanilla

      Thank you for stopping by Sylvia and also for the kind words! I hope you’re very successful in your savings journey!

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