Jun 08

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All About Rain Checks

All About Rain Checks.


Rain Checks are a great way to get a sale price on an out of stock item. Unfortunately, a lot of people miss out on the savings potential because they don’t how they work! Keep reading so you can maximize your savings instead of missing out!


Here are the ins and outs to know about rain checks:


  • You can request a rain check from a manager or the customer service desk. They will write up a certain quantity of the item at the sale price, usually to be redeemed by a certain date.
  • Before you ask for a rain check, check with an employee to make sure there are no additional items in stock – like on an end cap or in the back of the store.
  • Make sure the coupons you plan to use won’t expire before the requested items will be back in stock.
  • If you are buying an item to receive a catalina {like a Register Reward at Walgreens} find out when the stock will be in. Rain checks only cover a sale price – gift card or catalina promotions will not be included in your rain check.
  • You cannot get a rain check on clearance or limited time offers. Some stores also only issue a rain check if the price was advertised in their weekly flyer.
  • You might want to ask a manager if you can get a substitution instead of a rain check. Some stores are happy to offer another size or brand of a product instead of issuing a rain check. Just make sure you have a coupon for the substitution!


How often do you take advantage of rain checks?




Rain Checks.

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