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Coupon Policies

Here are links for coupon policies:


Wal Mart – Wal Mart does not double coupons but you can use “overages” here and they are now ad matching competitor prices!

Kroger – Kroger no longer allows the use of e-coupons loaded onto your loyalty card and paper coupons for the same item but they do double up to $0.50 for the first two like coupons. Also, you cannot use more than three “electronic” (printed at home) coupons in one transaction.

Walgreens – Walgreens accepts manufacturer coupons with their store coupons but does not double. If you have an “overage” they will adjust the coupon to match the item price. Ex: $2 coupon but $1 item, the coupon will be adjusted to $1 so you will get the item free but not create an overage.

Meijer – Most Meijer’s will double up to $0.50 and you can combine paper coupons with mPerks. Updated 8/2012.

Target – Target allows a store coupon and manufacturer coupon to be “stacked”. They also match competitor prices with a current, valid ad. Updated 6/2012.

Family Dollar  – Family Dollar allows one coupon for each item you are purchasing. Ex: If you have ten coupons, you should have ten items.

KMart – KMart does not price match or accept competitor coupons. They do accept printed coupons now however. Sign up for emails from them to find out about double and triple coupon specials. You can also print out in store coupons.

Dollar General – updated 6/23/2011

CVS – updated 5/2012

Rite Aid

Dollar Tree – Updated January 2013.


** Family Fare does not offer their coupon policy online, so check with your local store.

** Aldi does not accept any coupons. They only accept debit cards or cash, no credit cards. You pay 25 cents for a cart (which is reimbursed if you return the cart) and you have to bring your own re-useable bags.


Make sure to print and keep these coupon policies with you!!

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