Oct 28

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Are Entertainment Books Worth It?


‘Tis the season! The new 2012 Entertainment Book is out and available for purchase – not to mention it’s included in many fundraisers! But is your upfront cost worth it? Will you really save money and will the book really pay for itself like it claims? There are a few things to keep in mind when considering your Entertainment Book purchase.

  • Entertainment Books cost anywhere from $35-$50 although you can sometimes get them for about $20 through a fundraiser discount. They include coupons and discounts for a specific area on dining, events, and travel. They are good until November 1 of the edition year. You can sometimes buy discounted books in the summer before they expire, although all coupons may not be useable at that point if they are season-specific.
  • Purchasing an Entertainment Book through a fundraiser can not only save you money, but will also benefit the charity. You might want to purchase the book instead of buying overpriced items out of a catalog!
  • You should always review the book before your purchase to make sure what it contains. You’ll want to decide how good the coupons are for your family before buying! Keep in mind, you may be able to try new things at a great discount so keep an open mind! You can view what’s in your local book here.
  • One of the reasons that the book may become a waste of money for your family is that you forget to check it for coupons. You should keep it in an area that will remind you to check the book before heading out the door to see what kind of savings you might score!


What about your family? Do you buy entertainment books?

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