Apr 10

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Are You Hearing Me? Ear Health is Important!




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To me, hearing birds chirping is one of the best signals that spring has arrived. Imagine not being able to hear that tell tale sign of spring! Imagine not hearing your child’s laughter or sharing conversations with your friends. Or imagine dealing with other frustrating ear problems like dizziness or ill-fitting hearing aids.


My hearing is something I am blessed with and take for granted. I have been fortunate to not experience ear problems during my life. Often, when you think of an audiologist, you think of an older person with hearing aids. Recently, I have learned that ear health goes beyond old age and hearing aids! Not only are there fantastic hearing aids for those suffering from hearing loss, there are also custom earpieces for musicians, aviators, doctors and more! These custom earpieces help block out unnecessary noise while focusing on what is important so that nothing is missed!


I have a friend who has experienced multiple ear infections since child hood. Because of the infections, she also had to have tubes put in her ears. To this day, her hearing has still been affected. Some noises are very loud for her, while others aren’t at all, making it hard to have conversations. Imagine how frustrating that would be!


Did you know that ear health also extends beyond hearing problems to ringing in your ears or even balance issues, including vertigo. I experienced periods of extreme dizziness during my pregnancy with Zane, our middle son. I cannot imagine dealing with that on a long-term basis! It makes it almost impossible to function normally to do regular day to day tasks!


So what can you do for your hearing & ear health?

No matter what problems you may be experiencing, find a great doctor to help you. Search online for an ear doctor in your city, like audiologist Atlanta or ask a friend for a recommendation. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, no matter what ear health or hearing problem you may be experiencing!

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