Jul 11

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Around the House..

Here are a couple of practical ideas to help you save around your home:

1. Set your thermostat low in the winter and high in the summer. Use a programmable thermostat so you never forget to adjust it.

2. Use a rain barrel to collect rain water to use in your garden. You can find an example of this system here.

3. Use pasta water on your house plants.

4. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth!

5. Recycle – you’ll save on your trash bill!

6. Take free classes at home improvement stores instead of hiring someone to do the job.

7. Make your own coffee instead of grabbing one on the go.

8. Plant a garden! Learn how to can to make that fresh food go even further.

9. Use compost – throw in used coffee beans, fruit and veggie scraps to help your garden grow.

Happy Saving!



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