Feb 27

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Awesome NEW App: Groovebook Photo App — Get 100 Printed Pictures a Month! PLUS My Exclusive Coupon Code for YOU!


Groovebook Photo App.


I am SUPER excited about this awesome new Groovebook Photo App for my iPhone. Since our iPhones are expensive, I am always on the lookout for ways to take advantage of all it’s features. One of the main reasons I wanted my iPhone was because I could take such great pictures on it and since it’s my phone, it would almost always be with me. But what do I do with those pictures after snapping them? Some I email to my mom or put on Facebook.. but a lot of them just sit there until I load them onto my computer and forget about them. Not the best way to enjoy great family pictures, huh?


Groovebook Photo App Changes That!!


So instead of filing your pictures away, imagine having 100 beautiful, vibrant pictures mailed to you every month with the touch of a button. No trips to the store or trying to upload pictures on a slow website. Just gorgeous photos, easily and inexpensively shipped right to your door! As a busy mom, I’m excited for the chance to enjoy my printed photos without having another errand to run or an expensive fee! This app is perfect and so easy to use!


How Does the Groovebook Photo App Work?




First, you’ll install the app on your iPhone. If you’re on Android, it will soon be available for you too! After signing up with your name, address and email address, you’ll select the 100 photos you want printed. Shipping is only $2.99. That is the ONLY cost! Where else can you get 100 printed for $2.99 delivered to your door?! In about 7 days, your printed photos will arrive in a beautiful Groovebook with perforated edges, making it easy to take out any pictures you want.


You can also order additional books each month for only $2.99. These would be great to give to grandparents or other family members!


Groovebook Photo App Coupon Code


You can receive your first Groovebook completely free by using my exclusive coupon code COUPONSWITHQGROOVE at checkout! You’ll still add your credit card information for future billing, but you will not be charged for your first order! You can cancel at any time with no hassles if you choose as well. Although, I think once you try this, you’ll be hooked like me! 🙂




Groovebook Photo App.



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