Feb 22

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Beautiful Prom Dresses from JenJenHouse

Even though it’s quickly turning into several years ago, I can remember the excitement of prom dress shopping. I spent hours looking for my perfect dress. I went window shopping with friends after school and hunted the racks with my mom. It was so much fun to think about getting all dolled up for a special evening. Searching for that one perfect dress felt like a never ending hunt. As soon as I thought I had it, I’d find another I loved better. We must have spent countless hours in store changing rooms!

pink jenjenhouse prom dress

Now, I do almost all my shopping online — I wish I had been able to then! I would have had a much better selection available without as much hassle. Terrific sites like JenJenHouse make finding your dream formal dress so much simpler. They offer something for every occasion from prom to wedding. Plus, they have incredibly affordable options. I also appreciate their great customer service and return policy, in case something doesn’t fit the way you want.

Using the JenJenHouse site is easy. You can see their most popular dresses, plus use their search features to narrow down your options by color, design, or price. I am crazy about shopping at home since it makes my life less hectic and you can’t get much better than this!

glitter jenjenhouse prom dress

Luckily, they also offer fantastic accessories. Not only is it magical to pick out a gorgeous gown, but it’s fun to pick out a shawl, jewelry, shoes and a bag to compliment your look.

yellow jenjenhouse prom dress


For my junior prom, I had an incredible red dress with a dramatic skirt. My senior prom was SO much fun — I had a fabulous black dress. I wore pink lipstick and had a manicure with pink polish. It was so fun to feel like such a princess! I complimented the dress with a lacy black shawl. I can remember feeling very sophisticated.

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