Oct 19

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Bike Couriers with Deliveries.. No Matter the Chill!

The long awaited autumn season has finally arrived. For the past two weeks, it’s been picture perfect outside. Crisp, brightly colored leaves dance in the warm sunshine as they ride a chilled breeze down the street. Sun has peeked through the leaves still clinging to trees and provided some wonderful days to enjoy walks to the park. This weekend however, it’s become downright cold with a freezing wind and wet, constant drizzle. The only bright spot are the wilted leaves, sprinkled across yards.


I have to admit, as much as I love autumn with it’s pumpkins, sweaters, and hot apple cider, I’m sad to see this next chapter begin. Being cooped up inside the house for the coming winter makes our whole family a little stir crazy. I’ll miss our days taking walks into town and bike rides to the park.


When the temperature first dipped, I noticed our mailman was still wearing his summer shorts but with a sweatshirt over his shirt. By the second day of the colder air, he was much more bundled up while he did his walk around our neighborhood. The third day of the cool weather, I spotted some bike couriers making their rounds. At the very least, I’m sure they are able to stay a little bit warm from all the peddling they do to make their deliveries.


Since we don’t normally see bike couriers in our area, Jorryn was of course curious. I encouraged him to do a little research to find out more about them and why a company might choose to use them. {I’m always looking for little learning opportunities!} I love watching him get on the laptop and Google {with supervision of course} to find out more about something that he’s not sure about.


He quickly learned that bike couriers are an economical and greener way for companies to do business. Most companies, like Dependable Express in San Antonio, TX, focus on one service area. Many times with 24 hour service! They offer all the bells and whistles of national shipping chains like package tracking and background checked employees, without the big trucks and high prices. Not to mention, I think it would improve your brand image when people realize you’re employing a hometown business instead of a gas-guzzling national chain. After researching, Jorryn told me he thought it sounded like an interesting career he might like to try someday. He reasoned it could be a great way to pay for school while staying in shape. I was excited to hear him come up with ways to pay for his higher education! đŸ™‚


Despite the colder weather, there’s no doubt there will still be deliveries being made. I’m sure our delivery people will be wearing a few more layers to combat the chill while still getting the job done.

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