Nov 02

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Blessing Jorryn ~ 30 Day Mom Challenge


Because I just don’t have enough going on right now.. I’m starting another 30 Day Challenge! This time, my focus is Jorryn.


Even after parenting him for eight years, I don’t have it all figured out. Some Many days I feel like I am so inadequate to be a mom, it’s overwhelming. But in this new season of life with another person under our roof, I don’t want my oldest to feel like he’s been forgotten or left behind. So I want to make a conscious effort to focus on him, just like I focused on Domingo with the Blessing My Husband 30 Day Challenge.


Jorryn is a bundle of energy. He is all boy! He is smart, funny, and absolutely delightful in many ways. But he’s also stubborn. He’s had a hard time dealing with the huge differences between home and visiting his dad’s house with it’s different set of rules. This had led to some really challenging parenting moments, especially in the last few months. But I am determined to persevere and to teach him to be a Godly young man. It’s been really wonderful to have him home this last year, homeschooling instead of spending his days at school. We have gotten a lot more quality time together, as well as being able to work on projects at whatever pace we need to. It’s been a blessing to have this extra time together, especially as I can see him growing into a young man from my little boy right before my eyes.


So – I hope you’ll embark on this new 30 day challenge with me and see what a difference it makes in your home and with your relationships with your kids!


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