Dec 06

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Blessing Jorryn ~ Day 14


Day 14: Remember, being a mom is a gift.


Woo, this one came on a day when it was hard to remember sometimes what a blessing I’ve been given. We’ve all been there – those harassed days. Of course, day 13 was an easy day — attitudes were good, my house was clean, I had hot coffee and felt like the day was great. But then day 14 started off on a bad foot and I just continued to feel like I was losing control. Not only of my good mood from the day before, but of the attitudes in the house. Everybody had an opinion this day and all of them were different from mine. But then I stopped to remember when I worked full time. I was gone 40+ hours a week, and worked from home some nights as well. Even on the worst days {with no shower, no coffee, and bad attitudes} I am blessed to stay home with my boys. Not only is being a mom a huge gift – I have blessings that other moms don’t get. I have time with my kids in our beautiful, safe home making memories for Christmas time and the rest of the year, too!

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