Dec 19

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Blessing Jorryn ~ Day 19


Day 19: Teach your child one thing he can do on his own.


One of my goals this school year has been to teach Jorryn practical skills that he can use as he gets older. So this challenge fit right up our alley! I have been using this age-appropiate sheet as a guideline for some ideas that he could learn this year. He has already been working on doing laundry and so for this challenge he worked on learning to clean the bathroom! I was really impressed with his willingness to learn.. plus it was nice to see a boy in there cleaning up the mess! đŸ™‚ He did a great job getting it clean and smelling fresh. I was really pleased – plus I’m proud that he will continue to practice this skill and have it in his arsenal as he gets older and lives on his own.



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