Dec 21

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Blessing Jorryn ~ Day 21


Day 21: Forgive yourself when you mess up.


Hmmm, this ties right in with yesterday’s lesson in patience and grace I’d say. I recently read this article by Amy Morrison over at Huffington Post. It really spoke to me. We moms try to do it ALL. And trying to do it all usually leads to a big fat feeling of disappointment and failure. I want to be the best mom I can be. It is one of the top priorities of my life. I feel like being a mom has completely shaped me and defined in many ways who I am. It has made me more loving, more patient, more joyful. It’s also completely exhausting and overwhelming. I have to keep other people alive and make them into incredible, world-changing people!! AH! But God offers me grace every single day. So I can extend some of that to myself. I don’t have to get that entire list done today. I can forgive myself if I lose my temper. I can be imperfect and still be loved. I can still be enough. So that’s today’s lesson — grace for yourself that you can love your kids endlessly and still be human.

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