Dec 27

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Blessing Jorryn ~ Day 23


Day 23: Replace sarcasm with kindness.


Oi. Some of these are really challenges. Like not using sarcasm. I am a sarcastic person. While I don’t find myself making sarcastic, witty remarks to Zane and Shay, I do catch myself sharing them with Jorryn. Not all the time, but he’s just so smart. He gets it. He laughs along with me. And we all like to laugh with someone, right? And when you’re a stay at home mom, there are only so many people that you have the chance to use your wit on. {Aren’t you all so glad you’re here?! :)} But I have been at the receiving end of sarcasm.. and the receiving end isn’t nearly so pleasant as the dishing end. Even well intentioned jokes can cut deep. This challenge ties in with Day 22. If I want my boys to behave a certain way and learn good behaviors, then I need to show them that by example. Just like I don’t want to be a yelling, frazzled mom, I also don’t want to be a mean mom that makes a joke at another’s expense. I don’t want my boys to do it, so I can’t do it either. While this is definitely easier said than done, it’s a goal that I want to work on!


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