Dec 30

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Blessing Jorryn ~ Day 26



Day 26: Encourage your child today.


We all need encouragement sometimes. I look to the Bible, Domingo, and my mom to get myself feeling lifted up and encouraged. Jorryn looks to me! Everyone wants to know they’re doing well, they’re good at something, they’re appreciated, they’re blessed. Kids are no different. Sometimes I think they need it even more than adults as they are establishing who they are and where they stand in this world. There are few things sweeter than praising your child for a job well done and seeing their face light up. It’s so empowering to hear you’re valued. I have also found with Jorryn  that he reacts more to praise for a good deed than to me chiding him for something wrong. I am working to make sure I encourage and praise Jorryn at least once a day, every day.

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