Nov 04

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Blessing Jorryn ~ Days 1, 2 & 3


Day 1: Ask what is one thing we can do together this month?

Asking what Jorryn wanted to do this month was definitely easy. His answer was quick: let’s go glow golfing. Making glow golf happen will probably be a little more challenging with two little ones at home. But I’m determined to make this happen for Jorryn so that we can enjoy some quality one on one time!


Day 2: Go the whole day without yelling.

Oh. No. Really – a toughy on day two already?! Perhaps you’re like Michelle Duggar and are quiet, and patient, and full of grace with your children. If so, I would like to pick your brain. If you are anything like me, you find yourself speaking louder and louder as the day goes on. Some days start out at embarrassingly high octave right from the get go. I am that mom. The one that yells. I think part of it is because I have boys – they are loud and they are busy. I feel like I am trying to yell over them most the time just to be heard. I also believe I was born with a defective “mom eye”. You know – that evil eye that your mom used on you as a child that silenced you immediately? Yes.. I don’t have that. I just look like my eye is twitching when I attempt the mom evil eye. Thus, I resort to yelling. I’m also not as patient as I should be. I want things immediately {have you noticed this theme with me?} and I let head strong little boys get the better of my patience, or lack thereof. I just want them to do the right thing.. I just want it without arguing! Sometimes, I would also like the right thing without having to explain why it’s the right thing. I would love for them just to do it because mom said so! At any rate. I was pleased with myself – I was able to bite my tongue and focus on not yelling all day! There were moments where it was definitely a challenge and I felt like screaming – but I kept it under control. I also discovered that speaking very quietly to Jorryn when I felt like yelling was actually more effective than my normal tone. 🙂 Who knew!


Day 3: Hug your child three times today.

We are big on affection in our house. For all the yelling I do, I also give lots of hugs and kisses. Hugging Jorryn three times was really easy. But focusing on keeping my composure was the challenge. It was a rough day for us — he didn’t want to listen to what I had to say and I felt my patience wearing thin more than once. It was one of those days that I found myself thinking so often “How am I supposed to do this?! Why me?!” I was reminded of God’s grace for me over and over. When I felt SO irritated with Jorryn and his poor choices, I could feel a gentle reminder from the Lord that He shows me grace when I don’t deserve it over and over and over again. In the evening, we were able to have a conversation about why the choices now are important because as he gets older, there will be more choices, bigger choices, bigger consequences and higher stakes. It’s so important to listen now so that as he grows, he’ll have knowledge to reflect on as he makes those bigger choices. I hope our conversation sunk in there somewhere, in between the extra hugs and snuggles, so that tomorrow can be a better day.

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