Dec 30

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Blessing Jorryn ~ Days 27 & 28



Day 27: Do one thing that is good for your health.


I was so pleased that all the boys cooperated with me and helped my plan for more sleep to succeed! I went to bed earlier than normal and managed eight hours of sleep, two nights in a row! I felt loads better during the day and had much more energy to accomplish the jobs I needed to do. Plus, my mood was much improved from the extra rest! 🙂


Day 28: Teach your child a new word.


Jorryn loves to learn about new words so this challenge was a pretty easy accomplishment for us! While reading for history class, we learned about “poise”. We also discussed “mercy” in depth as part of our Bible study! Even though it was a word he already knew, it was great to see him get more of an understanding of it and how much God loves us.

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