Nov 23

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Blessing Jorryn ~ Mom Challenge ~ Days 7, 8, 9


Day 7: Leave a sweet note for them.

I love leaving notes for my boys! I pack them in lunches and leave them around the house to be found. I also started doing a Mama & Me Journal with Jorryn earlier this fall, which I think is really sweet. It’s nice to take a moment to leave an “old fashioned” note to him so he knows that I care enough to take a moment to write him. It’s also special to get a note back in his cute handwriting, filled with funny little things.


Day 8: Calculate how many weekends are left until your children graduates from high school.

Do you ever feel like time is slipping away? I think many parents do. I’m often reminded of the saying “the days are long, but the years are short.” I’d say that’s very true in my experience. On many days, like yesterday, I think “when is naptime? Is it here yet? Is it time!?” But this challenge made me pause and think for a moment. Yes, there are many days that seem so overwhelming. Days where I feel tired and drained and I’m not sure how I’ll successfully navigate through til bedtime. BUT there are lots of sweet moments in those days, even if there are challenges and exhaustion mixed in. So to me this challenge reminded me to embrace those sweet moments and focus less on the not-so-endearing ones. Oh, and there are approximately 520 weekends left until Jorryn graduates. Geesh!


Day 9: Picture yourself at your child’s age. Remember how you felt.

Oh, a mile in his shoes! Do you remember being your child’s age? I remember playing with Barbies and my dog when I was eight. I also remember that I liked to be in charge. {Hmm, some things never change!} Jorryn doesn’t fall too far from the tree in some aspects.. and this is another good reminder to stop and think. He’s just a kid. He may ACT older and he might THINK he’s older and he might WANT more freedom.. but he’s still just a little guy. He does need to learn right from wrong and I do need to teach him many things.. but I also need to let him be a kid and enjoy the age he is now. And it doesn’t hurt to let him “win” a few debates along the way.

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