Sep 05

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Blessing My Husband ~ a 30 Day Challenge


Today Jorryn starts third grade! As always, the start of the school year feels like a brand new beginning to me. Much more than New Years in January even. It’s a fresh start with a new schedule and new plans. I love it! As such, I decided to begin this 30 day challenge today.


I’ve been convicted lately of my attitude towards Domingo. I am a classic Type A, OCD perfectionist. I want everything done just so and I want it done right now. I can’t imagine that’s very much fun to live with all the time. Plus, you add in the stress of our move and renovations plus pregnancy hormones and I don’t think I’ve been very filled with grace towards hubby lately. Since I have been noticing this, I’ve also started noticing a lot more about our attitude’s society towards men. {Which in turn has started me thinking about my boys since one day they’ll be men.. but that’s an entirely different story!} Since I tend to spend a little lot of time on Pinterest, I’ve found a bunch of those funny e-cards, many of which talk about how men can’t do anything right and are such disappointments. I’ll admit, I’ve laughed at many of them and think “oh yes, that is SO true..” but then I’ll stop and think about the fact that we each have our own strengths. Does Domingo do everything exactly the way I want him to? Nope.. not even close sometimes. But guess what.. even in all my “perfection” I don’t get it all right either. {Oh boy.. the truth hurts!} He is going to work 60 hours a week so that I can stay home full time with our boys. So then I decided that I better start cutting him a little slack. If someone thinks they’re getting griped at constantly, do you think they would really want to strive to continue doing more? No.. chances are, they’ll feel beat up and not want to do anything at all. I don’t want him to feel that way! I want him to feel blessed and appreciated.. which in turn, blesses me and makes our home and marriage better!


SO! Enter this short and sweet 30 day marriage challenge I discovered on Pinterest. It focuses on little items each day to create a big impact over the course of the month. And since today is the first day of school and all that, it seemed like the perfect time to start it! I’ll be checking in as I work through the 30 days – I hope you’ll join me and let me know what you notice changing in your home as well!

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