Sep 20

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Blessing My Husband ~ Days 13, 14 & 15



Day 13: Do not use sarcasm with your husband today.

Considering I am well versed in the language of sarcasm I was initially  a little nervous about this one when I saw it on the list. But I was able to conquer! I was sweet all day and didn’t make a single jab. I’m giving myself a gold star on this one since it’s a personal best I’m pretty sure. 🙂


Day 14: Remember that being a wife is a blessing.

Oh wow. Road bump. I was feeling pretty fantastic thus far through the challenge. I’ve had some easy days and some great times of reflection. And now here we are. Day 14. What a rough day. It was one of those days in life where you’re quite convinced you suck at EVERYTHING and nothing seems to be going very well. Jorryn had a rough day with school and Zane was being a pistol. From the second Zane was out of bed, he was into everything and pushing the limits. I felt at my wits end by lunch time and the day just continued to feel like it was sliding out of control. By dinner time, I was seriously contemplating making a break for it. Domingo and the boys wouldn’t miss me if I took a month off, would they? Honestly, it wasn’t any one thing – no one had committed any serious crimes.. it was just a bunch of little things stacked on top of each other that made me wonder what on earth I was doing here. In the end, through lots of prayer, I made it to bedtime and was able to sleep off the blues and feel much better by the start of day 15. 🙂 Once again reminding me that God is always faithful, no matter where we’re coming from.


Day 15: Think only positive thoughts about your husband.

Coming off of day 14, I was a little nervous about this one. Guarding what you SAY is a lot easier than guarding your private thoughts I discovered. 🙂 But I would still count this as a success. When I felt a little frustrated, I remembered some of the other challenges {like putting myself in my husband’s shoes} and it helped me to focus on the positives instead of getting irritated.


I am noticing this challenge is getting progressively harder! Stay tuned as I continue on with the second half!

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