Sep 25

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Blessing My Husband ~ Days 16, 17 & 18


Day 16: Thank him for all he does for your family.

I think too often the focus is on what we don’t do. What isn’t finished. I know I am guilty of this. It was nice to have the reminder to be thankful for everything that does get accomplished and everything Domingo does. Which when I stopped to think about it, was actually quite a bit! Especially considering the work schedule he does so that I can stay home full-time. I am extremely blessed!


Day 17: Laugh with your husband today.

Yay! An “easy” one! One of the things I love most about Domingo is his sense of humor and all of the ways he can make me chuckle. Even when we’re feeling frustrated with one another or with life, we aren’t so serious that we can’t stop and giggle and get things back into perspective. Plus, having a good belly laugh is just plain good for your health!


Day 18: Who is a wife you admire? Try to be more like her today.

I kind of liked this challenge! I sat and thought in the morning about all the couples I know and what different wives do that I think is impressive. I ended up thinking about several different women, not just one. I think there is so much we can glean from others {sometimes even observing what doesn’t work to help change our own behavior!} that will help make our own relationships and attitudes better.


Stay tuned as the challenge continues — only 11 days left!

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