Sep 30

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Blessing My Husband ~ Days 19-23


I’m continuing with the Blessing My Husband 30 Day Challenge.. Here are my latest days!


Day 19: Don’t ask him to do any chores or honey-dos.

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous about this one. In the morning I honestly thought “well how will anything happen today if I don’t ask him about it!?” Hmmm, nag much? I really don’t think of myself as “that” wife but since I do like to get things done a certain way, I suppose I mention a lot of little odd jobs throughout our time together in a day. So I decided to stick with it and not mention ANYTHING that I wanted to get done this day. And guess what? He cleaned up the kitchen and did two loads of laundry without me uttering a word… hmmm. Fascinating! Moral of today: have a little faith in hubby!


Day 20: Today’s focus: patience.

Here’s a big one for me.. I totally fall short in the patience department. I want things RIGHT NOW! And displaying patience with another human being? Well that’s a challenge too. 🙂 BUT I think as with all the other days that making a conscious effort made a huge difference. It was easier when I was making that conscious decision to do better and it made the whole day better in every aspect. I even noticed it spilling over with the kids!


Day 21: Forgive him when he makes a mistake.

The big one here is not only forgiving but also forgetting and not stewing over it after the fact!


Day 22: Assume the best about your husband.

It’s certainly easy to always jump to conclusions! But the bottom line is that Domingo has our family’s best interest at heart and that he loves us. He isn’t perfect but he is doing his best in that moment with his love for us at the core of what he does!


Day 23: Treat him with respect today.

Here’s another one that was made simpler by making a conscious decision to do better. The point of this challenge wasn’t that I was supposed to bow down and worship at his feet.. it’s just showing him that I respect him enough to listen to him and be supportive. It was simple things like showing him that I was listening to him, not interrupting and being encouraging that I think made this day a success!


Stay tuned for the end of the challenge! I’d love to hear how it’s going for you if you’re participating as well!

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