Oct 03

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Blessing My Husband ~ Days 24-27


Day 24: Do not interrupt your husband when he’s talking.

Surprise, surprise… me who loves to talk found this one challenging! ๐Ÿ™‚ I found that I assume I know what Domingo is going to say before he finishes a thought and also that I know more .. therefore making this one tongue biting day!


Day 25: Ask your husband’s opinion on something.

Hmmm, here we go again! Since I tend to assume that I am an authority on multiple subjects, I found this to be another challenge! {This seems to be a reoccurring theme I’m discovering!} In the morning I honestly had to calm my nerves when I read the day’s challenge. What on earth was I going to ask Domingo about?! For the sake of the challenge it couldn’t be something completely silly because that would defeat the entire purpose and kind of seemed like cheating. No need to worry.. an opportunity would present itself. As I was still worrying over what to consult him on.. I found a bug in the kitchen. A rather large house centipede. Allow me to interject that we first spotted them a few weeks ago and thought we had sprayed and and were done with the problem. Apparently not so much since I found three more this week. {If you are not familiar with house centipedes, Google them. Really special, I promise. I am now accepting donations for the therapy I need.} Perfect subject to ask a man about: a problem having to do with bugs that I am scared of. Two birds with one stone here! Not only can I complete the challenge, but I also make him feel good since men like to solve problems! YES! Who knew that Day 25 would turn out so successful?! {We have called in an exterminator if you’re wondering. :)}


Day 26: Encourage your husband.

Thank goodness! A challenge that comes easy to fulfill! We all love to hear words of encouragement! Everyone likes a nice morale boost from time to time. It was nice to sprinkle Domingo with encouraging words throughout the day. Bonus: he said them back! Win-win!


Day 27: Do one good thing for his health.

Domingo got to take a nap today! An uninterrupted, no kids crawling on his head, nap! Lucky duck him! He certainly deserves it for as hard as he works for our family. I can’t think of many things better for his health than getting more rest so I’m checking this one off as Mission Accomplished! ๐Ÿ™‚



Stay tuned for the last three days of the challenge!

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