Oct 06

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Blessing My Husband ~ Days 28-30



Day 28: Look at him admiringly. Make sure he sees you looking at him.

So, I’ll be honest. I don’t know if I finished off the challenge as strong as I would have liked. Day 28 found me in a foul mood with two grumpy little boys to take care of. I think Domingo might have caught me issuing him a few “evil eyes” instead of batting my eyelashes at him. However, we were able to talk after he got home from work and the boys were in bed. It was nice to have the peaceful one on one time to talk together and it certainly improved my day!


Day 29: Turn off your cell phone, computer, or the TV when your husband is in the room.

Ahh! This is one of the tasks I was dreading. How on earth can a stay at home blogging mom completely disconnect this way!? However, I was triumphant! I realized how much I multi-tasked when interacting with Domingo. I rarely just stop whatever I am doing and focus solely on him while we’re together. Part of this can’t be avoided with two active little boys.. but part of it is my own doing since I have my phone in my hand or I’m checking the latest coupon deal online. Once again, this challenge was about a conscious decision to do something different than the “norm”. I also found that Domingo put his phone down more during our time together as well.


Day 30: Today’s focus: love.

This seems pretty simple, eh? I love my husband. But sometimes I don’t always react in love. This was a great reminder to focus on acting and re-acting in love to all situations.


I can’t believe this challenge is over already! It means a whole thirty days has passed. We’ve been doing school for a whole month now! I’m surprised by how quickly this time went by. While every day and every challenge hasn’t been easy, I’ve been blessed along the way. It’s brought to my attention some of my own attitudes and reactions that I don’t like so much. I’ve enjoyed having a specific task to complete each day to bless Domingo with. I’ve loved having him react to the challenges {without us discussing them} and getting blessings back – like being told something he’s thankful for each day. This challenge is definitely something you could/should incorporate into everyday life to help make those decisions to behave in love and blessings instead of focusing on the negative. I’ve enjoyed the journey and I hope you have too!

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