Sep 17

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Blessing My Husband ~ Days 7 – 12


Woo! I have been keeping up with my 30 day challenge, but not doing a good job about blogging about it! So here’s how this week has shaped up:


Day 7: Leave him a sweet note.

I grew up with my mom leaving me little notes, so this is one thing I do pretty regularly for both Jorryn and Domingo. But it was nice to have a reminder to sit down and take a moment to put down in writing how much I love Domingo. Plus who doesn’t love to receive a written confirmation that they are loved and appreciated?!


Day 8: Put at least one date night on your calendar for this month.

So.. I kind of cheated on this one. With all the house renovations, moving, school starting, and baby three arriving in seven weeks.. there hasn’t been a whole lot of spare time available for us to leave the boys and head off. But in the last month, my Nannie and Mom helped us by watching the boys while we were at doctor’s appointments and we were able to have a meal plus do some errands together for the afternoon. So I decided to give us some grace on this one since we’ll be doing a final date night in October before baby arrives. šŸ™‚


Day 9: Imagine how it feels to be in your husband’s shoes.

I thought this was an interesting challenge! As humans, we are very focused on how things impact us. So stopping to consciously think about how things affect another person {especially someone we know well} is a good reflection. Stopping to realize that my husband operates on little sleep and has big pressures on him made me appreciate what he does for our family even more. He isn’t in his dream job and he doesn’t have his dream hours – but he keeps going so that I can stay home with our boys. I think stopping to imagine how he must feel about situations made me more patient and appreciative this week because I was thinking beyond myself and how I would react and how I feel. Men might not always have the easiest time expressing themselves, but feelings are certainly there!


Day 10: Today’s focus is kindness.

Here is another day where I was reminded to guard my tongue! I often speak without thinking first and so this challenge was a good reminder to intentionally be kind and think through my words and actions. I liked that this challenge was directly after day 9 because I was able to draw on some of my reflections from the day before!


Day 11: Tell him “I’m so glad I married you.”

As a wife, I think it’s super romantic when Domingo tells me he’d do it all over again. So of course, he’d like to hear the same thing! It’s nice to have a verbal affirmation that we are loved and that no matter what challenges appear during the course of your relationship, you’re in it together. And that you’re each glad to have the other partner by your side! Added bonus of this challenge: Domingo said the same thing back! šŸ™‚


Day 12: Pray for wisdom in being a wife.

One of my high school teachers used to say “God answers generic prayers generically and specific prayers specifically.” Oh, so true! So this is a great reminder to pray for wisdom in being a wife! God has the answers we’re looking for {plus the added needs like patience and joy.. hehe} so praying to Him on a specific issue is the way to go!


I can’t believe we’re nearly halfway through the challenge already! A great perk I’ve been blessed with – other than feeling more patient and loving towards Domingo is that everyday he tells me something he is thankful for about me. Some of the things he has told me I was surprised by.. it wasn’t something I would even think of but it’s something that blesses him! It’s been great to have an open and encouraging dialogue with each other. I can’t wait to continue!

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