Mar 30

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How to Save on Books


How to Save on Books.


I am a HUGE reader – I love, love, love books! Unfortunately, I can’t quite afford my habit. I have learned over the years to take advantage of my library to save on books.

  • Once you work through titles you are interested in at your local library, you can start ordering books through the library. Here in Michigan, there is an online system called MEL that allows you to order the books you want and have them delivered to your home library. You can find the Michigan Electronic Library here. If you don’t live in Michigan, ask your local library where you can order books to have them delivered.
  • If you do have a book you need/want to purchase, take advantage of Amazon, Half.Com, or look for a local used book store or book trading service.
  • Check out Book Pig. You can rent children’s books for a small monthly membership fee plus a fee per book. Think Netflix for kids books! Their site is also a great resource if you’re looking for titles on a specific subject since they offer a wide selection and are all organized by subjects, ages, and authors, making them user friendly!
  • You can also take advantage of free online readers like Kindle’s that you can download on your computer or phone. Amazon often has lots of free books available to download and read on Kindle! I have TONS of free Kindle books downloaded right now and I’m slowly working my way through. Just because they’re free doesn’t mean they are titles you wouldn’t want. I have gotten several bestsellers on there!
  • Last but not least, swap books with friends! This is a great way to read titles you might not otherwise have available to you.


Your turn: how do you save on books?

I’d love to hear your ideas & tricks that you use to save on books!

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