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Here you will find some great posts to help turn your life and finances in the right direction. You can learn how to save, how to make a menu, and much more!

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Weekly Family Menu PROOF

Make a Menu

My husband has started his new job so I am getting into a new routine with my family menu planning. Unfortunately, while I was pregnant, this fell by the wayside as I couldn’t stand to prepare food or eat almost anything except fresh fruit (and ice cream, hehe). I have found that using menus helps …

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How to Save: Dairy, Meat & Produce

When I first started REALLY couponing and our budget was so, so slim I would get discouraged if I had to buy anything at all without a coupon. My budget was so tight, I really felt like we just couldn’t eat anything that I didn’t purchase with a sale + coupon scenario. Over time I …

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Coupon Fraud

  There are a lot of positive things about coupons – and a lot of wonderful people that use them correctly! However, there are some negatives, including fraud so I feel it’s important to educate ourselves! Here’s everything you could want to know about coupon fraud in one simple spot! Make sure to visit the …

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Kids & Money

I was not raised counting my pennies. I was an only child and only grandchild on my mom’s side until I was 11. I was spoiled! Not like a bratty little rotten kid, but I was used to getting whatever my little heart desired. While I did have lots of fun toys and experiences I …

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