Jun 22

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Brown Bag It

I know it may seem like a really simple principle, but it’s surprising how much you save by packing your lunch for work everyday. Yes, it takes a few minutes to pack and plan, but in the long run it’s well worth the funds you’ll save. I used to grab  lunch out almost everyday – my office was by a lot of restaurants and it just seemed a lot easier. But it’s sobering how much money you waste. I was spending an average of $8-$10 everyday. That’s $40-$50 a week and $160-$200 a month! Think about all the other things you could do with that extra money. (Not to mention the potential of wasted calories consumed everyday!) Even if you decide you would like to eat out one or two days a week, your savings will be substantial and well worth the five minutes it takes to put together your lunch!

The same idea can be applied to hot lunch at school. While pregnant, it was SO much easier to just throw some lunch money in an envelope and let Jorryn choose what he wanted. What I didn’t consider for a long time though is that I can’t control the quality of the food he’s eating. I also didn’t stop to add up that $2.10 every day. I thought “oh it’s only a couple of dollars” BUT if he’s eating that lunch everyday, we were running up a hot lunch total for the year of about $400. FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS! I could do so many other things with that money!


Does your family pack lunches? Do you have specific days you eat out? I’d love to hear about favorite meals to pack as well!

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