Aug 30

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Capturing the End of Summer Sunshine

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After several very hot days here in Michigan, it’s finally starting to be more enjoyable outside again. Today we enjoyed gentle breezes, beautiful sunshine, and blue, cloud dotted skies. It was a lovely day to be outside, enjoying nature! I was especially relieved since I had kept the boys indoors because of the beastly sunshine earlier in the week.

Jorryn was ecstatic that he could go outside to play this afternoon. He first headed out into the back yard with his spy kit for a little sleuthing. It wasn’t long that he was ready to explore a little further and asked if he could get on his scooter to get some exercise. I was very pleased to tell him yes, get that energy out! After being trapped inside the house this week, I was more than ready for him to get rid of that energy by playing outdoors!

It’s so much fun to watch him enjoy a toy when he doesn’t know I’m watching! I kept peeking through the window to make sure he was okay and was delighted to see a huge grin on his face every time! He didn’t even complain about wearing his helmet, which is usually a brief argument for us.There are few things better than witnessing your child enjoy the outdoors and using their imagination. It’s pure joy for a mama’s heart!

I’m looking forward to this cooler weather sticking around so that we can enjoy more days outside in the cool sunshine this autumn. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of those gorgeous smiles from a happy Jorryn!

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