Feb 16

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Possible Changes to Rite Aid’s +Up Rewards Program


The Krazy Coupon Lady shared this article yesterday about some changes that Rite Aid is testing out for their +Up Reward program. From what I’m reading so far, including some comments from people inside the test market, it sounds like this program has a lot of kinks to work out. I think it could be great to have a more paperless system {easier for the consumer to not keep track of the paper plus better for the environment} but I personally would be happier with a more flexible and user-friendly system. I want to be able to choose what Rewards I use and when I use them in an easy format!


As of February 5th, Rite Aid has implemented a new system in the test markets of Seattle, Richmond, Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. In these regions, +UP Rewards now load to your Wellness+ card rather than print onto your receipt and can only be redeemed starting the next day at 6 am. While this does help customers not have to keep track of paper receipts, disadvantages include not being able to roll +UPs on the same day (which results in more frequent shopping trips), only being able to manage +UPs online, and having the largest +UP amount applied first instead of being allowed to choose a different amount +UP or those soonest to expire. The program is mandatory in these areas and does not include an opt-out path.


Make sure to check out the entire article over at KCL. I am also interested to hear your thoughts and opinions on these proposed changes!

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