May 23

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Cheap Broadband for One & All!

I can still clearly remember the sound of AOL connecting through our dial up internet when we first got a family computer. The anticipation of talking with friends online and playing games was almost too much to bear. I remember anxiously holding my breath for “You’ve Got Mail” long before Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks made it come alive on the big screen.


The downside of our dial up internet though was how long it took to connect. Then once you were online, everything you did was slow. I’m not a naturally very patient person, so this was torture. Opening emails took a long time, playing a game took a long time. Sometimes the Instant Message screens completely froze.


The other huge downside was that being online used the phone line. Which meant time was limited online because you couldn’t have the house phone tied up endlessly. This was a mammoth sized problem in my teenage girl life since being online and being on the phone were both very important social commitments. How could I possibly choose?!


Introduce broadband. I remember the first time I got online using broadband. I couldn’t get over how quick it was. Downloading files was a breeze! There weren’t problems with freezing anymore! And the very best part was that I could know talk on the phone AND be online at the same time! A teenage girls dream come true!


A lot has changed with the internet, especially since wireless options became available! Everything from speed to price has improved! These days, cheap broadband is accessible to almost everyone. Set up is easy and quick!


You can contact your internet provider to find out more about what plans they offer in your area. Be sure to also ask what special deals you may qualify for. You’d be surprised how much you can save just by asking what they’d be willing to do for you. Finally, double check about any start up fees so you’re prepared when your first bill arrives.


It’s exciting to see all the changes with the internet and broadband! It makes me wonder what the next big improvement will be!

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