Jul 20

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Christmas in July – Not a Myth!

So you hear about Christmas in July a lot and for a long time I didn’t realize what serious deals you could grab! Now however, I am a believer! Retailers do drastic mark downs twice a year: July and January. They want to make room for the next season of items and as a result, we can save big! End of July sales are the perfect time to stock up on Christmas presents or birthday gifts. I personally can’t wait for the toys at Target marked down 75% – it’s the perfect time to get ready for Christmas! Here are some tips to get you on the right track to take advantage of all the deals in the coming days.

  • Make a list! Have you realized yet what I big supporter of a list I am? 🙂 Your list should include gifts you need including Christmas, birthday presents to tuck away, upcoming showers/weddings, etc. Think of events coming up in your life and what present you want for each!
  • Commit to a budget amount. Decide what you have to spend on this category so you don’t go wild and  waste money snatching up every bargain you see. A great idea is to set aside a set amount each month throughout the year so that you have money building up to spend on gifts without spending a huge chunk in November/December.
  • Think of all future items you may need around your home: is your toaster about to kuputz? Are your towels getting frayed? Will the baby be ready for a bouncer seat soon? Take a look around and decide what items you’ll need to purchase in the future so you can start looking for deals now!
  • Establish a discount amount you want to achieve on each item. This can vary from person to person and category to category. If you decide you will not purchase an item for less than 75% off, then stick with it. If the item is only marked half off, wait for it to drop down some more or move on altogether.

What great deals have you gotten in July? What are you looking for this year?

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