Jul 27

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Common Coupon Mistakes to Avoid

 Common Coupon Mistakes to Avoid.


Clipping coupons takes time! The deals you can find are fantastic but there are some common coupon mistakes to avoid to help maximize your savings! Here are some great tips to make sure you’re not wasting a single dollar!

Common Coupon Mistakes to Avoid:


  • Forgetting about rebates. Rebates are a fantastic way to save money IF you remember to complete them! I have an envelope on my desk that contains all my rebate forms, UPC’s, and receipts. I also use my rebate tracker sheet. That way, I am able to immediately complete rebates and keep track of all the information in one easy spot.
  • Forgetting to look for coupons. I always have my eyes open for more coupons while shopping. Coupons aren’t just in the paper anymore, they’re everywhere! Keep an eye out on shelves and products themselves for great coupons! You should also be aware of product offers online, such as Facebook offers from manufacturers.
  • Forgetting rain checks. Whether you forget to ask for a rain check or forget to redeem one, you’re losing money! Make sure to keep all your rain checks in a secure spot, like a pocket in your coupon binder. Then remember to use them before the expiration date!
  • Forgetting coupon books or store specific coupons. Many stores offer coupon books with coupons for their store. I have received many free items at Target and Walgreens by pairing my manufacturer coupons with store coupons on sale prices! You should also be checking out the booklets you receive in the mail. I am often able to use coupons that were mailed to us to get great deals on local restaurants!
  • Forgetting to contact companies. I love contacting companies to tell them what I love or hate about their products. Many times you can receive coupons for taking time to share your feedback on their products. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time, especially for products you use but don’t see coupons for regularly! You can learn all about how I contact companies here.


How do you maximize your savings?  Share your tips in the comments below!


Common Coupon Mistakes to Avoid.

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