Jun 22

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Dining Out

One area of our budget we have really, really tried to curtail recently is dining out. It’s easy when you’re tired/not feeling well/in a rush to justify spending extra to eat out or carry out. I definitely fell into this rut while pregnant and when the baby was first home. I simply didn’t have the energy (or the stomach while pregnant!) to handle cooking. Once you sit down and realize how much you’re spending eating out though, it’s very sobering. Think about all the groceries you could have spent that money on! While we have seriously reduced our eating out budget, one way to make that budget stretch further is to take advantage of restaurant coupons! You can find them in the newspaper, local advertisement books, or “junk” mail. Often they are buy an entrée, get an entrée or $5 off a $20 bill. This is a great way to make that dollar go further! You can also consider ordering a sampler platter or dish large enough to split instead of ordering two separate entrees. You can also check out Restaurant.com here or Redplum here to buy gift certificates at a discount.

Happy Eating!

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