Nov 02

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Do It Yourself: Easy & Healthy Cooking Spray

 Easy & Healthy Cooking Spray

Have you ever read the label of your cooking spray? Can you pronounce the ingredients inside? I’ve read them and I can’t pronounce many of them.. which would lead me to assume I probably don’t want to consume them! My mom has a fancy spray bottle to make her own spray.. but I’ve always put off buying one since, well.. I’m kind of cheap about some things. 🙂 This is a super easy and inexpensive way to make your own cooking spray which is so easy you’ll wonder why you haven’t always been doing this! Plus, Domingo and Jorryn said their eggs taste TONS better when I make them with this spray! 🙂


Ingredients for Cooking Spray

  • Get a misting bottle – this one was only $1.
  • To every one part olive oil, add five parts water.


How to Make Cooking Spray

Mix the water and oil in the bottle and then just shake to mix whenever you need to use it! How simple was that!? Enjoy!




Easy & Healthy Cooking Spray.

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  1. Stephanie

    This seems super easy! Thank you!

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