Nov 01

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Do It Yourself: Easy Shower Cleaning Spray

 Easy Shower Cleaning Spray

This easy shower cleaning spray is helping me stay on top of the bathroom grime without a lot of scrubbing. With my cleaning schedule severely impaired right now adjusting to Shay being home, I’ve been a little dismayed at how dirty things have gotten. Everything seems to get dirtier faster than normal as well! One area I have wanted to stay on top of is the shower. I’ve still been working at scrubbing it regularly, but I need a fast solution to help me stay on track! Here’s my super quick cleaning method that smells good, is inexpensive, plus doesn’t have a bunch of chemicals!


Ingredients for Shower Cleaning Spray

  • Grab a spray bottle – you could recycle an empty bottle or buy a cheap one at the store. I picked this one up for $1!
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1/2 cup Dawn dish soap
  • hot water


How to Make Shower Cleaning Spray

Mix the vinegar, soap, and hot water together by swishing them all together in the bottle. Spray your shower down and let the solution sit for one to two hours. Wipe off with a damp sponge. Voila! Clean shower without tons of scrubbing! Plus, I can spray it on when I’m done in the shower and then come back later and have it clean, which I love! Much less elbow grease involved!



Shower Cleaning Spray.

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