Oct 24

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Don’t Skimp on Your Computer Security!

I take my computer security very seriously. I have precious photos and memories stored on our home computer that I would hate to lose. So one thing that I don’t skimp on is our computer security program. I want to make sure all that data is backed up and safe! You used to hear statistics about people grabbing their photo albums in a house fire. In my mind, online security is much the same. You want to make sure you have your digital files backed up so you don’t lose them in some sort of “fire”.


computer security


I love this “The History of Security” infographic. From the beginning of time, people have worked hard to protect what is theirs. Thankfully, we have moved past the stone age with our security plans! These days, I am able to trust that all my data and pictures are safely backed up and protected if I should ever have a problem.


Another benefit of utilizing a great computer security system is knowing that not only is your data backed up, but that your computer is safer from outside attacks. It never ceases to amaze me that there are people that spend their free time attacking people’s computers. If you have that knowledge and time on your hands, do something productive! I’m glad that there are systems in place to help prevent those nasty people from getting my information.


You hear so much about these days about people who have had their identities stolen as well. It can make you feel paranoid to get online. Especially if you’re sharing personal information… like a blogger. 🙂 Or even using the internet to do shopping.  As I started doing more and more online, I knew I needed to make sure our family and information was protected. I made sure to purchase great internet security, plus a file back up service as well. Even though it can be expensive, I believe it’s money well spent since it helps protect our family.

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