May 23

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Earn Cash When You Spring Clean!

I loathe piles of stuff sitting around the house. I like things to be neat and orderly and clean! {Of course, this is ironic since I married a pack rat! 🙂 } With all the beautiful greenery, warm temperatures and sunshine, I have been in the middle of a spring cleaning frenzy in our house.


spring cleaning the media shelves (2)


I’ve washed windows and scrubbed baseboards. I’ve purged broken toys from the playroom. Then, I decided it was time to tackle the media shelves. Especially now that we put all our CD’s on iTunes and load it to our phones, it’s just not necessary to have so many CD’s stored on the shelf. Of course, there are some classics I’ll keep just because Domingo would hate to part with them.


spring cleaning the media shelves (1)


We have a large shelving unit on our wall with all these CD’s crammed in. Then we have a large cabinet on the floor that houses all the DVD’s. And let me tell you.. that thing drives me bananas. It is so full that the one door is half broken, so we have to hold it shut with a rubber band. Isn’t that snazzy?


spring cleaning the media shelves (3)


Imagine my delight when I discovered we could get paid to sell our old CD’s, DVD’s and games. You know the saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Well in this case, my trash comes with a pay day! There is nothing better than realizing that something you don’t want can help put a little extra cash in your pocket!


Once I got started with cleaning out the shelves, I remembered we also had some old Wii and Xbox games that no one plays anymore, so I added those to the pile too!


I know all my spring cleaning won’t last forever — especially with my busy, messy, little boys. BUT it feels great to know that I’ve tackled some jobs around the house and that I was able to put a little extra cash in our pockets without too much effort!


Leave me a comment and let me know what spring cleaning projects you are tackling right now!



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