Oct 24

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Education Then & Now … Worlds Apart

It’s amazing the huge differences in technology that have developed over the last several years. One of the areas that this is most felt in is education. The way our kids learn today is completely different then how our parents and grandparents learned. Even though I’m a young mom, the way Jorryn learns is different than me even! It’s incredible to think about all the differences in such a short generational span.


When I was in school we had textbooks and chalkboards. Walking into the classroom and seeing the great big TV on a cart meant a movie on a VHS tape instead of class. {Everyone’s favorite day! 🙂 } We turned in handwritten notes with carefully practiced handwriting. Computer class included notes saved on floppy disks. It’s wild to think that Jorryn doesn’t really experience any of this. Thankfully, our family still utilizes a lot of “real” books and I still make Jorryn practice his handwriting. Nonetheless, he’s used to downloading books on the Kindle, using the computer for assignments, and he hardly knows what a VHS tape is.


While some parts of the growth I don’t enjoy, like kids not using real printed books instead of electronic books, there are many things that are fantastic. I love that when Jorryn doesn’t know something, he can easily use the internet to learn more. It’s so much easier than the encyclopedias I had to use! It’s quick and simple to pull up information on just about any topic you could wonder about. I also love that he can see pictures of far off places that are crisp and beautiful, instead of black and white copies in a book.


ashley tutor


Sometimes, having learning be so different can be challenging when you’re trying to home school.  Thankfully, great resources like Ashley Tutors can help us be more successful at learning without losing our cool with each other. Having a reinforcement to call that knows what they’re doing is a fantastic option! Because no matter what changes with technology, education is still very important. And it’s always great to know you have a back up in your corner to help!

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