Jun 25

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What do you envision when you hear the word
small walk inHome School CLosetThe truth is, everyone’s vision is different.
What works for your neighbor, does not have to work for you.
Your house, life, and tastes are unique to you.
The right organizing system will fit the way a great pair of shoes does.
Would you be comfortable wearing shoes that were sized and designed for your neighbor?
Of course you wouldn’t.
Your house can be comfortable, and efficient.
HouseOrganized will you show you how; whether you need a Professional Organizer to come to your home (local homes in Florida) or if you just need tips or Coaching everything can be found on their amazing website!
HouseOrganized offers YOU:
Clutter Control
Do-it-Yourself Tips
Organizing Coaching
Short Sale Assistance
Space Design
Decorating Program
And MORE….

Now for the fun part – HouseOrganized and Adventures of My Family of 8 have teamed up with some AWESOME Bloggers to offer one lucky reader a $50 Home Depot Gift Card!
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  1. wendy g

    Make your bed daily and go thru mail in front of a recycle can

  2. Glenna F

    I like the tip to Give your clothing closet an easy face lift, mine could use one.

  3. Devona Fryer

    Sheets and towels that sit, tend to soar. Bleach will not remove this odor, one cup of white distilled vinegar added to a load of laundry will.

  4. Vanessa Dalton

    Today, when you bring in the mail, sort it in front of your paper recycle can.

  5. Susan Fisher

    Not sure what I am supposed to say but I could use an organized bedroom closet .

  6. aisha

    sorting out the mail in front of recycling bin 🙂

  7. Amy McGowan

    Clean makeup drawer, throw away half of it

  8. Kathy

    Make your bed everyday. I don’t, but my husband does it!

  9. Ann

    Make you bed every day and clean out make up drawer.Also donate cloths in closet I am not using. Our Motto is if u dont wear it, use it ,or read it in 30 days donate it, recycle it, or give it away to someone who needs it.

    1. couponswithq.com

      That’s an excellent motto Ann!

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