Jul 07

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Enter to Win in the $500 Diaper & Formula Giveaway Now!


Welcome to the $500 Formula and Diapers Event! Since diapers and formula can be some of the largest expenses you’ll face as a new parent, I’ve teamed up with our sponsor StoreBrandFormula and some other great bloggers to provide this awesome giveaway! Even if you aren’t a new parent yourself, chances are you know someone who would be blessed with this generous gift!



  • 20 Cans of Store Brand Baby Formula
  • $100 worth Pampers Premium Diapers


While breast milk is best, for moms who choose to formula feed, or want to supplement breast milk with formula, store brand infant formula can cost up to 50% less than national brand formulas. Like all formulas, store brand infant formulas are nutritionally complete, and can help parents save about $600 a year. However, what many new moms don’t realize is if they compare the label of a national brand to its store brand counterpart, they will find there are no nutritional differences. A great resource to compare labels from the comfort of your own home is StoreBrandFormula.com.


ENTRY is easier than EVER! Just use the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway will run until 1159pm on July 28.


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  1. joanne major

    i would give to my daughter her baby is due September 5 formulas is so high. when my daughter was born it was like 10 dollars a can and it has doubled in 20 years

  2. Jacqueline Diaz

    Formula is so expensive anymore when I had my 19 month old I used to drive an hour away to buy his formula in bulk and I have NO clue how I ever went through that much, I usually only use 9 or so cans of formula now for my 3 months only because I have to double his concentration. I don’t use store brand even though I know it’s the same stuff I only buy it if I have a coupon or its on sale, what I use is $15 for a small can and $20+ for the larger one. I use Similac Ismoil Soy and it’s hard to find sometimes…

  3. Patrice O'Neil

    The price of formula is getting higher and higher. I spend over $100 on formula every month out of pocket. I wish there was more coupons and sales on them at stores. If I won it would help out so much !! 🙂

    1. couponswithq.com

      Good luck Patrice!

  4. Kelly

    The price of formula was a struggle. I traded online, locally on Craigslist.com and even had a group of friends that we traded amongst just to keep the cost as low as possible.

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