Apr 20

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Ethical Jewellery is a Girls Best Friend


I still remember the excitement of picking out my wedding set. I am still thrilled every time I look at my beautiful rings and see them sparkle! Whether you’re picking out your wedding set, a beautiful ring for an anniversary surprise, or picking out a special gift for your special man, diamonds are both personal and magical. They are a representation of your love! So what could be better than making sure your symbol of love is also socially and environmentally ethical?

What is Ethical Jewellery?


Ethical jewellery means that all the jewellery is produced in a responsible way — both socially and environmentally. Socially, Ingle & Rhode have created a supply chain that means they know exactly where each diamond is mined. This means that they guarantee their gems are not “blood diamonds” or part of any conflict. They can also guarantee that the diamonds are cut and polished by adults, in good conditions,  with fair pay and not by underpaid children in sweatshops. Environmentally, their diamonds are produced without using mercury or cyanide. Plus, 100% of their platinum is recycled. Each diamond can be traced back to it’s place of origin and is mined under strict environmental regulations.


How Did Ingle & Rhode Get Started?ingle and rhode ethical jewellery


In 2007, David Rhode had a difficult time finding an ethical ring to propose to his fiance with. After struggling to find something that was both ethical and beautiful, David decided to take matters into his own hands. He partnered with Tim Ingle and their Bespoke Ethical Jewellery line was born. Now, they work one on one with their customers to create incredible jewellery for any occasion, on any budget. While their design service is flexible, offering gorgeous custom pieces, their standards are not. They will not compromise providing the very best in ethical jewellery for their customers. Each piece is crafted by a master goldsmith before being hallmarked by the London Assay Office.

What Does Ethical Jewellery from Ingle & Rhode Mean for You?

ethical jewellery


It means that you can give a beautiful gift in confidence of it’s origin. It also means you will have an incredible piece of art to treasure! You can check out the Ingle & Rhode website, as well as visiting The Ethical Jeweller YouTube channel.


Enjoy beautiful, responsible Ethical Jewellery!





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  1. Michelle

    I love supporting companies that make ethical products – thanks for the information!

    1. Layne Quintanilla

      You’re welcome! Their jewellery is SO beautiful to boot!

  2. veronica lee

    Like Michelle, I,too, love to support companies that make ethical products. And when you have something this precious, you wanna be proud of its origins.

    1. Layne Quintanilla

      Very true!

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