Feb 01

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Family Binder {Week One}

I’ve heard about family binders on various blogs for quite a while. Because I’m a pretty organized person, I didn’t really look into them further for quite a while. I thought my current system was working and I didn’t need to look into anything else. Once I started reading more and spent a little time researching all the things a family binder could contain, I decided to give it a shot. And now I’m hooked! All of our family info is in one place, organized by category. Everyone can reference it and we all know how to find things in our binder. I have been working over the last several weeks to get it more and more organized and decided to share this with you. I will also be sharing some printables for every category. You will be able to receive the printables FREE for a week and then they will be available for purchase on my Etsy shop. To receive a free printable, you need to subscribe to my daily email. After subscribing, make sure you click the link in the confirmation email you will be sent. Then email me at couponswithq@gmail.com and let me know what printable{s} from that week you would like me to send you. It’s easy-peasy!

To start, you’ll want to grab a three-ring binder. I chose the Avery easy open, heavy duty kind just because I knew I would be using it a lot. I chose a three-inch size so I would be sure to have plenty of growing room. I used some pretty paper from Michael’s to decorate the front cover. Here’s what it looks like:

This week, we’re starting with the very first thing in my binder: our family emergency contact sheet. Being prepared is key in an emergency. I also know that when you get flustered, basic information seems to be MIA. So! One easy sheet to write down your details so that if you need to reference it, you can. This could also be a great item to put on the fridge, too! I also printed out CPR instructions as well. If you have a family plan for what to do in an emergency, etc. this would be great to include in this section.

Stay tuned for a new category next week and some AWESOME printables!!

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