Feb 15

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Family Binder {Week Three}

Welcome to Week Three of the Family Binder Project! Each week, I will be sharing printables I have created for family binders. You will be able to receive the printables FREE for a week and then they will be available for purchase on my Etsy shop. To receive a free printable, you need to subscribe to my daily email. After subscribing, make sure you click the link in the confirmation email you will be sent. Then email me at couponswithq@gmail.com and let me know what printable{s} from that week you would like me to send you. It’s easy-peasy!


So far, we have covered starting your binder and creating your Bible tab. This week, we’re dealing with calendars and planning! I have read that spending one minute planning will save you ten minutes down the road. I believe in many cases, you probably save even more! I can promise you that spending a little time planning each week will help your home run smoother and for less money! I couldn’t believe how much money we started to save when I took time to plan our menus each week. I save big at the grocery store by planning my list. I save time around my home by scheduling productive activities each week. Our home school projects go SO much faster when I take a little time to plan them out. This week is all about providing yourself tools to keep your home on a schedule and provide you a little bit more sanity! 🙂 Here are the printables available this week: two different half an hour planners, menu plan, important dates sheet, family activities sheet, blank calendar sheets to fill in, daily planner, and weekly cleaning.


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