Jun 22

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Family Fun

With prices soaring on so many products, you have to look at new and creative ways to cut back on spending. If your gas budget is increasing, that money has to come from somewhere! Next time it’s family night, consider some of these options instead of paying full price to go to a movie or dinner.

— board games at home or a water balloon fight outside

— a picnic (feed some ducks while you’re at it)

— visit a local beach or park, just pay for the parking fee

— visit your library to check out books or movies for free!

— volunteer with a local organization.. teach your kids about giving back while having fun together!

— movie night complete with popcorn and candy

— bike ride, hike, or canoe trip (pack that bug spray!)

— pitch a tent in the back yard and camp out (don’t forget the s’mores!)

If you have young children, think about doing chalk drawings, finger paints (or using pudding and stripping them down!) or playing in the sprinkler. There are lots of ways to have fun together without spending a lot of money. It also gets your family moving and that’s even better!

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