Feb 12

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Fearless Parenting: Raising a Child to Face the Adult World


I finished Fearless Parenting. Raising a Child to Face the Adult World. yesterday. What an encouraging book! I want to be fearless. This book is so full of practical advice. Plus I found myself nodding and chuckling throughout the entire book. As I have been reminded so much lately, my time actively parenting my boys is so short. In 18 years, I am expected to impart everything they need to be effective, happy, and productive members of society. After they turn 18, I will still be here and be their mama, but the job description changes as they become adults. I need to make the most of this time now. Fearless Parenting touched on every subject imaginable and offered advice of how to effectively parent without letting hiccups get in your way like being worried about making your child unhappy. As a mom, I want my boys to be happy. But after reading this book, I realized that my first and foremost concern is parenting them to be obedient and responsible. I do them no favors by hand holding and ignoring bad behavior. Exhausting as it may be, that is what’s critical. I’m done being worried about stepping on toes or temper tantrums – I am going to be fearless! I would highly recommend this book — just $7.99 on Kindle and soo worth it! Enjoy!

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