Jan 02

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How to Get Back Into the Coupon Routine


 How to Get Back Into the Coupon Routine.


I’m going to let you in a little big secret. I have fallen off the band wagon.


I haven’t gone completely haywire. Just a little.


I haven’t clipped coupons into my binder since last March when we found out I was pregnant for Shay. I bought a big tub and some folders and started storing the whole inserts by date. Then I quit shopping regularly. Some days, I was too sick or tired to do it. Other days, we were just too busy with projects at the new house or moving. So little by little, I slipped. Until I fell off the wagon. But I’m not entirely a hypocrite. I have still been using coupons for my shopping trips. But my shopping trips have been a lot smaller at the grocery store {therefore not adding to my stockpile} and I haven’t gone shopping at Wal Mart, Target, or drugstores in I don’t know when.


Now, here we are in January. The time of fresh beginnings! The time of new resolutions! The time of cold turkey! {As in, you’re determined to do everything cold turkey, which isn’t always very practical or very manageable long term.} My goal is to get back into my routine and start building our dwindling stockpile back up. I have been very blessed to have it; we have used it regularly plus given from it this holiday season. Now it’s time to start shopping with my huge pile of coupons and build back up our stockpile once more! But sometimes, it’s just so hard to know how to get back into the coupon routine! That’s why I want to share some great tips with you!

Here are my tips on how to get back into the coupon routine again!


  • First, think about your long term goals. What do you hope to accomplish by couponing? Saving? Building a stockpile? Both? Decide what your long term goals are and then set small, realistic, bite-sized goals that you can accomplish in the coming year. Instead of saying, “I’m cutting our grocery bill from $500 to $200 TODAY!” focus on saving $10 per week for the first month. Then, move on to saving $20 per week, and so forth. By setting manageable goals you’ll become less frustrated and much more successful!
  • Second, be practical. You’re human, you can’t do it all. {Yes, I know it’s hard to hear that. It pains me to admit it!} While you’re setting those practical goals, focus on areas you can really make a difference in. You can get toiletries and household items for cheap or free — focus on those to help cut down your overall bill!
  • Third, get your family on board. After a hiatus from regular life over the Christmas break, you’ll probably need to have a pep talk with your family. Everyone gets used to eating junk that isn’t normally around the house, or splurging in a busy season. Make sure that everyone is aware that you’re getting back to normal so you can {hopefully} avoid any arguments about it. You can also enlist them to help you clip coupons, make your lists, and more!
  • Fourth, jump in! There is no time like the present so don’t wait around for Monday or the Monday after that… get started now!
  • Fifth, use practical tools to help ensure success. Get back into family menu planning. Start tracking your coupon savings to motivate yourself. Take a look at your debt payoff plans to remind yourself why saving money is so important. Plus, refresh yourself on what coupon abbreviations mean and make sure all your coupon policies are up to date.
  • Finally, give yourself grace. Remember, you’re one person! Do your best and don’t sweat the small stuff as you get back into a routine and back on track! And remember, we’re all in this together! 🙂


Leave a comment with your tips for how to get back into the coupon routine!

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  1. Shanaka @ Mama Bee Does

    I’ve fallen off a time or two myself. This is a nice list to go by to remind myself how to jump back in.

  2. michelle cantu

    Me too totally. I haven’t clipped a coupon in about 4 months. Thanks for the tips, I am going to make an effort to get my inserts this coming week.

    1. couponswithq.com

      Good luck, Michelle! 🙂

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