Aug 30

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Getting Ready for Back to School

I am in no way, shape or form, ready for back to school. At this very moment, I feel like I could gleefully pretend education doesn’t exist for the rest of the year and be quite content. While I know that isn’t reality, I don’t feel rested up enough from this summer to face the challenges the school year brings. In fact, I feel pretty exhausted from our busy summer! Nonetheless, our fall schedule is about to commence!


Next weekend, Jorryn has flag football try outs. Then, our homeschool co-op will start. This means free play days as well as structured field trips every month. We’ll start getting into our regular school routine then too. No more lazy days of sleeping in for Jorryn! I am still finishing getting all my curriculum in order. I am hoping that seeing those lesson plans complete will provide some more structure and peace for me. Because right now, I feel like pretending to be an ostrich and sticking my head in the sand!


Jorryn has endlessly complained about  being bored the past few weeks. I have started extremely limiting his screen time and encouraging him to play outside, to read, to explore, and to create. This has helped tremendously. He’s even started asking for some back to school projects, so I know he is ready for the structure the autumn brings our lives! Just for fun this week, I had him take a back to school quiz. No surprise — he’s ready to be back in school! 🙂


The next few days will consist of earlier bedtimes, more structure, and the blessed contentment of routine. I never realized how much we needed routine in our family until Shay was born. Now, I crave schedules and structure even more than before! Cheers to an earlier bedtime and more books in our lives. I’m ready for fall!



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