Oct 25

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Heart’s Desires

Our recent hospital stay following Shay’s birth really brought a lot of things into focus for me.

Each day when we visited the NICU I noticed an older gentleman playing a grand piano in the lobby of the hospital. At first, I assumed he was hired by the hospital to play. But after the second or third day, I realized that he wasn’t there because the hospital paid him.. he was just there to play. This realization came about the same time I realized that he was blind. It was really beautiful to me. He couldn’t see, yet he came and sat and played incredible music every single day we were there. He wasn’t playing Mary Had a Little Lamb.. he was playing gorgeous, difficult, classical pieces. He was playing them from memory.

It really made me think about how blessed I am. I don’t have major obstacles in my life that prevent me from doing what I want. What do I choose to do with my gifts? This man obviously would have a much more difficult time playing the piano than the average person. I have all my senses.. but here he was making beautiful music and overcoming obstacles to do so. Even getting to the hospital each day would be more of a challenge for him than for me. So what do I do with my blessings? What do I do with my talents?

I don’t have all the answers, but I certainly know some things very concretely. My first calling is to be a child of God and to follow Him. Secondly, I’m a partner, encourager and friend  to my husband. Finally, I’m to love my kids wildly. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined myself having children. I certainly wouldn’t have imagined staying home full time, homeschooling and being so crazy in love with them. Yet here we are in this moment.

So I’m realigning my time and priorities. You may seem some shifts in my blogging. Maybe a few less deals and a little more of real life and love. I hope you’ll still enjoy everything you see and that you can relate right where you are. I’m a firm believer that God weaves our lives together with those we need in each season. Sometimes we’re even blessed enough to be introduced to someone for life. So I’m embarking on this new season with a new focus and desire to see all the things that God has for me. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey along with me!

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