Nov 12

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Homemade Turkey and Cheese Hot Pockets — Freezer Friendly!

 Turkey and Cheese Hot Pockets

I am all about easy meals right now so these freezer friendly homemade turkey and cheese hot pockets are perfect! This recipe is super quick and tasty.. plus you could use any lunch meat and cheese combo you want! I love that they taste great fresh or after they’re warmed up from the freezer.


Ingredients for Homemade Turkey and Cheese Hot Pockets

  • 1 package Grands biscuits
  • turkey lunch meat
  • cheese

How to Make Homemade Turkey and Cheese Hot Pockets



I flattened the biscuits out a little with my hand so that I could fit the filling in a little easier. Then I put three pieces of turkey lunch meat on the cheese and folded the cheese over it in half. I then laid the cheese and meat on the biscuit and folded the biscuit over the filling and squished it down a little. I baked according to the biscuit directions, at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.




Voila! After they cool, you can store them in a freezer safe container or bag and then just microwave or heat through quickly in an oven to enjoy later!



Homemade Turkey and Cheese Hot Pockets.

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